Dearest Yoginis and Yogis and lovers of life!

Today I woke up bursting with new ideas which is usually in the scope of visual arts.  I don't always tend to these projects but I do love that I even get to have these insights and creative flows! Why am I having them now?  Because, it is Springtime.  Like clockwork- the weather gets warmer and my creative juices start flowing.  

What happens for you in the Spring Time?  Have you noticed any patterns in your life around seasons?

What I love about personal exploration is that I know a lot of my patterns now.  I can look forward to my joyfulness in the Summer, Prepare for my overwhelmingness in the Autumn and my introspectiveness in the Winter, and My Creativity in the Spring.  Because I know this...  Autumn and Winter are much easier times now. I know they will pass and are my fuel to my creative Springs!

Here are my Springtime offerings that I hope will help grow your Sri (resplendence, joy, and enthusiasm)!!!!

Love, Brenna