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Yoginis, Yogis, Fire Keepers, Seekers, et al!

We are here to be in love with EVERYTHING.  This means we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the universe to figure out how to do that.  As yoga practitioners, we have the tools to always see the bright side, the lesson, the beauty, and the glue that binds us all together.  This year, 2014, we will see the unfolding and expansion of all of our efforts thus far.  I am ready.  You are ready.  Let’s practice, let’s dance, let’s laugh, let’s cry, let’s love…. TOGETHER.

Streaming Now Online classes with me ON YOGAVIBES 

500 hour -The Art of Transcendence – Journey through the Layers from Self to Soul (45 hours) – September 22-26 2014

500 hour – The Art of Transcendence – Wake Up and Manifest Your Resplendent Life (45 hours) – November 17-21st 2014


I bow deep to you, to this life, to the universe and all lives.  Wow! Right?

xo, Brenna