Change Your Energy ~ Change Your Life! Digital Download

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Change Your Energy ~ Change Your Life! Digital Download


This series of meditations is for everyone, from the novice to the expert.  I’ve created this series to help you manage your physical and mental energy to thrive in every arena of your life.

Experience three different meditations to meet your energetic needs - Find your CALM, your POWER, or your CREATIVITY.  Each meditation is designed to first help you find comfort in your body, teach you how to use your breath and use visualizations to change your energy and ultimately how you view the world.


This Course Includes:

+ 3 Guided Audio Meditations each about 16 minutes long

+ 3 introductions to each meditation explaining how each energy works in your life

+ A PDF with further explanation on each Meditation.

Download and access your practices to listen on any of your devices.

Feel free to listen and meditate anywhere - at home, your office, or even on the airplane.

Manage your energetic needs wherever you are!

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