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The Art of Transformation Part II:
Chakras, Kundalini and the Path of Self-Healing with Brenna Geehan & Jean Mazzei

November 8-12, 2017
Wednesday-Sunday | 9-6pm
Yoga Tree Potrero Hill

In Tantra, yoga is used as a daily energy management tool through the control and mastery of prana (intelligent life force). Using the alchemy of asana, pranayama, and meditation, you will work with the nadis, chakras, vayus, agni, and kundalini in this 45-hour immersion. You'll begin to clear the space at the subtle body level, transforming your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Together, we will map out and apply techniques to cultivate balance in your nadis and chakras, and build and harness your agni (transformational fire) to create permanent change in your life. Learn how to work with chakras through Laya Yoga (yoga of dissolving), to free yourself of physical, mental, and emotional baggage. Practice asana from the “mind of the endocrine system” for a unique and powerful experience as you delve even deeper into the mystical aspects of your nervous system.

Topics include:

o Demystifying kundalini
o Exploration and experience of your central channel aka sushumna nadi
o Understanding chakras as way to understand our tendencies
o Balancing energy channels and polarities in body and mind (nadis)
o Everyday application of dual/non-dual philosophies
o The mystical endocrine system and how the glands relate to our chakras
o The path from agni (fire) to tejas (radiance) to sri (seeing the world as beauty and bliss)
o Healing techniques and worldview to support your transformation as you live in the real world
o The power of yoga nidra


$875 | $775 until October 8