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  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
  • United States

The Art of Transformation Part I:
Sun, Moon, Fire

Everyday Techniques for Enlightened Living
with Brenna Geehan & Jean Mazzei

From conception to the present moment, your prana (intelligent life force) has been the leading voice. In Tantra, yoga is used as a daily energy management tool through the control and mastery of prana. In Sri Yoga™, this module helps you begin to clear the space at the subtle body level to transform your life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Explore the fundamentals of energy (prana) management in this 45-hour training. Learn how to employ the three main practices of yoga: Lunar (steady the mind), Solar (build physical and mental stamina), and Fire (transformation) to change your life for the better—now. Expect transformation on all levels and dimensions as together we explore and support our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies.

Dates: May 17-21
Days & Times: Wednesday-Sunday | 9-6pm
Location: Yoga Tree Potrero Hill
Price: $875 | $775 until April 17