Yoga and Sensuality with Brenna Geehan of Sri Yoga

Sex is one of the most amazing expressions of our humanity and our Divinity!  Our ability to be sensual and be aroused can be greatly heightened if our energy (Prana) can flow with ease. Prana governs both our ability to Give and Receive.  Physical and Mental Stress tends to shut down this flow and our bodies abililty to be sexually aroused and feel the fullness and the healing nature of orgasm.  With this Yoga Asana, Breathing, and Meditation, we will practice continuous ease and tenderness in the body to heighten our sensitivity to touch and we will gain a quiet and open mind that encourages our goddess within to be expressive and playful.

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Full Conference Description

Imagine studying the deepest topics with Angela Farmer, Sally Kempton, Sianna Sherman, Uma Dinsmore Tulli, Linda Sparrow, Indu Arora, Katie Silcox and so many more in one online event you can keep forever. Swoon!

This July it’s Full Moon in “Oh, Yes!” as we soak in the light of 30+ female wisdom mothers and sisters working in the tradition of yoga. Join us in this deep pause. Join us as we invoke love. As we breathe slowly. As we remember our core value, essential beauty and depth power. Join us in the real, powerful and potent energy of the Divine Feminine. And let these practices, lectures and tools support you in your evolution.