Yogarupa Rod Stryker is the teacher that woke me up to the true purpose of yoga.  

Rod Stryker has studied with Tantric masters and continues to share with the world the Tantric approach to Hatha yoga. Since I began studying with him, I have learned the scope of yoga from mindfulness to energy management; from fearlessness to joyfulness. I am grateful beyond words for his continued guidance and support of me.








Jean Mazzei, greatest co-teacher anyone could ask for!  Jean’s teachings have shown me how to truly take the ancient teachings and apply them to modern day life and conditions.  I am so grateful Jean asked me to partner up and create Sri Yoga Teacher Trainings.










My family!  I was raised by a school teacher and a minister and I thought I would never be either one…. and here I am… a Yoga Teacher!  Thank you Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother for raising me to be inquisitive, enthusiastic, and all about LOVE!









The ParaYoga Community!  Thank you all for continuing to hold the light of these invaluable teachings.  I feel I always have sangha anywhere in the world because of our commitment to each other and our desire to see more and more beings joyful and fearless. Keep up the good work!"