Yoginis! I Want You To Know Why I Am Teaching For The Online Sex, God, And Yoga Conference And Why I Want You To Support It!

This post is specifically for all the women that practice yoga , the humans that identify with the being woman, and all the others that support us. 
As a teacher, I attempt to be androgynous.  Neither male or female, neither masculine or feminine.  In the deepest teachings of yoga, we are not only seeking balance with the masculine and feminine forces, but we are attempting to move beyond.

But most likely, in the here and now, we are attempting the former - To Balance our Masculine (Ha) and (The) Feminine forces, balance the Ha/Tha… hence Hatha Yoga.

In order to bring balance, the path is first and foremost understanding both.  It is no secret to all of the world that the woman has been kept back, the feminine energy has been slowly but surely diminished….. And now, the tides are changing and surely we have a long way to go.  

In Yoga, what does masculine mean?  What does Feminine mean?  And why does every human, regardless of gender, need both to be balance in there mind/body complex?

The Masculine qualities are steadiness, strength and physical vitality, forceful, outgoing and externalizing, logical and objective.  The Feminine qualities are adaptability, softness and mental vitality, gentleness, receptive and internalizing, Intuitive and Subjective. 

I think we can all agree that we need all of these qualities to have a thriving life!

Society is still skewed towards the masculine and I desire an Honoring of Both!  As a woman, raised in a masculine world, my feminine side is something I only started honoring as an adult…. and unfortunately a lot of questions I had would go unanswered.

But not anymore!  I have found resources and more and more voices around the world are being heard.  Some ancient knowledge, Some Brand New from modern sciences!

Some of my amazing colleagues and some Master Women that I have looked up to for so long are coming together to get this information out to the masses!  

But honestly,  It isn’t easy.  People still don’t want to hear about it.  People still want to pretend things will change without them needing to the change.   It’s time to join in the conversation.  It’s time to remove the veils of ignorance!  It’s time to find balance and learn how to help others find balance!

Will you join me?

And like the co-founder Katie Silcox says “ You can either enjoy this online workshop slowly over a whole year… Or just binge watch all week July 18-22.”

I probably do a little bit a both…. that seems slightly more balanced.

Big Gigantic Hug!!!!!!  Promo Code BRENNA20


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